Lupe Fiasco Debuts “Animal Pharm”


Chicago rappers are clogging our news feed today, but we are by no means complaining about it.

With the release of his forthcoming album Tetsuo & Youth inching closer by the week, Lupe Fiasco took to the internet late last night, May 20, to release a new (free) single entitled “Animal Pharm.” As you may expect, the song offers a modern reinterpretation of George Orwell’s allegorical novel Animal Farm, which reflected on events leading up to the Russian Revolution of 1917 and then on into the Stalin era in the Soviet Union. Fiasco’s verses have nothing to do with Stalin of course, but anyone following his actions over the past year can probably guess who his pen is aimed at in these bars. You can stream and download the song after the jump.

The way Lupe Fiasco has evolved from his early days never ceases to amaze our entire staff. To see a rapper not only recognize the power of the opportunity offered by his position in pop culture, but then to take it further and change the focus of his lyrics to almost always push a message of knowledge and enlightenment is truly one of a kind. I’m not sure if “Animal Pharm” will make Tetsuo & Youth, but it has definitely made me hungry for more.

James Shotwell

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