Wu-Tang Clan Debut “Family Reunion”


Holy moly, it’s only 10AM and today has already given us three amazing singles. Now Peter Rosenberg lands a Wu Tang Clan exclusive? This could very easily be the best Tuesday of 2013.

Hot97’s Summer Jam took place this weekend, and near the end of the night the entire Wu Tang Clan graced the stage for a performance including material that spanned their two decade career. A highlight of the night, if not the most important moment of the set happened when the group debuted a new track for fans entitled “Family Reunion.” Peter Rosenberg landed the exclusive radio premiere of the single, and thanks to Soundcloud the entire internet can partake in the occasion by listening to the radio rip found at the end of this post.

Though we cannot confirm it at this time due to the lack of a real tracklist, all signs point to “Family Reunion” being the lead single off Wu-Tang Clan’s Better Tomorrow, which is currently due to hit stores in July. Comment below and let us know your thoughts on the new material.

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