Required Listening: Dizzy Wright Releases “World Peace”

Dizzy Wright

Even though the long weekend makes the return to work a bit better, there is no getting around the realization that sense of freedom that poured into Monday has now been exchanged for the promise of another paycheck. Still, there is plenty of good in the world to be happy about, and today we’re going to introduce you to a young talent that could very well make your week.

Dizzy Wright has been climbing through the ‘need to know’ charts of various hip hop bloggers for a minute now, but as far as I know this post marks his first appearance hear on UTG. At twenty-two he has built a brand on honest lyricism and music meant to highlight the finest moments of life, and with “World Peace” he has taken his game to a new level. The pain, the happiness, and the connectivity we all share often serves as the source of his inspiration, and backed by a chill beat he delivers a message of communal positivity that is so rarely found in mainstream hip hop. It may not be the type of song you seek out, but it’s definitely the kind you need to hear.

Dizzy released a new mixtape entitled The Golden Age on August 19. As a gift to fans, the album is available both for free online and for purchase through iTunes. Wright would love your financial support, but knows sharing his message is more important than profit. Take note, fellow aspiring rappers, this is one (really good) way to make a career for yourself in 2013.

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