Remember To Breathe: Full Trailer for ‘Gravity’


As if you needed another reason to be excited about Alfonso Cuarón’s upcoming film Gravity, Warner Bros. has just released a new trailer that may steal your breath away.

By now you’ve likely put together the setup of Gravity, but in case this is your first time hearing of the film, just know that Sandra Bullock plays an astronaut who finds herself adrift in space following a horrific accident. The early teasers revealed much of the incident in question, and we see a bit more with the full trailer, as well as a few brief never-before-revealed sequences from other moments in the story. You can view the footage below.

Sandra Bullock is never my first choice as a female lead, but this trailer for Gravity has me convinced she was the right choice for the role. People think they know who she is as an actress, but this film is going to showcase a new angle of Bullock that I believe will impress even the biggest naysayers.

Gravity opens nationwide October 4.

James Shotwell

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