Hear Fall Out Boy’s Cover of “Get Lucky”


Daft Punk’s monster single “Get Lucky” has seen just about every type of cover, from Animal Crossing’s K.K. Slider all the way up to Simon Pegg & Nick Frost’s dramatic reading. Now Fall Out Boy have taken the single into their own hands to cover it live at the first stop of their arena tour.

Fall Out Boy’s cover of “Get Lucky” turns the song into a more jazzy rendition, with Patrick Stump playing the keys and Andy Hurley keeping a steady ring from the high-hats as he drums. If there was better audio (and not thousands of fans singing along), it would probably be something you would pull up to listen to again and again.

Watch the video of Fall Out Boy covering Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” below:

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  • Laurie

    I’m so amused that everyone is covering Daft Punk this fall. Seeing a lifelong Marvin Gaye devotee who rooted for Pharrell to get a huge hit as Patrick Stump did, now openly prioritizing “Get Lucky”… seems like a well-deserved knock on Thicke’s wheezy voice and conspicuous Gaye-sploitation.