Badfinger’s “Baby Blue” Caps Off The ‘Breaking Bad’ Finale


While two people were likely watching the season premiere of Family Guy on Fox, the rest of the world was tuning in to see the end of Breaking Bad. The series finale garnered praise from critics and fans but it wasn’t just because of the acting, but the final song being Badfinger’s “Baby Blue.”

How perfect was it to pair the 1972 hit that says, “The special love I have for you, my baby blue” with Breaking Bad? I mean come on; it’s centered on a blue meth concoction. Plus – Spoiler Alert – as Walter White walks around the meth lab one more time, bleeding out, Badfinger laments, “Guess I got what I deserved.”

The lighthearted song was the polar opposite of the scene, but gave the ending a serene feeling. Listen to Badfinger’s “Baby Blue” below and grab a tissue because we’re sure you’re still feeling a little down about Breaking Bad being over.

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