Honesty Is Awesome: Cher Admits ‘Burlesque’ Wasn’t That Good


In 2010, something terrible happened at movie theaters nationwide. For a few weeks around Thanksgiving a so-called modern musical event by the name of Burlesque rolled into cineplexes with a tale of working girl struggles that critics and fans panned across the board. It wasn’t the first music-related film to tank spectacularly (remember Glitter?), but it was still surprising given the (alleged) star power of leads Christina Aguilera and Cher. Now, just in time to promote her new album, the latter of those two has spoken up to admit her shared disgust for the motion picture Burlesque.

Speaking with the Los Angeles Times in a new interview, pop icon Cher has admitted Burlesque was a dud. “It wasn’t a good film,” Cher, who won Best Actress for Moonstruck at the 1988 Academy Awards, said. “It had a few good moments, but I didn’t even like my performance that much. […] What, I don’t have a brain? I’m old but I’m still pretty on top of everything.”

Seeing actors turn on their previous works is a bit of a rare treat in Hollywood. Cher isn’t your typical actress, but her word still carries weight, and after this interview I doubt anyone will be adding Burlesque to their movie queue.

Have you seen Burlesque? If so, comment below and let us know where it ranks on your most hated films of all time list.

James Shotwell

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  • A masterpiece? Far from it.. but a fun, campy escape from reality? Yup! Just gotta take it for what it is to be able to appreciate it ;)

  • TGlayshe

    Burlesque was good campy fun…with surprisingly decent musical #’s. Not nearly as bad as Cher thinks