Miley Cyrus Thought She Was Going To Be Like Paramore


Miley Cyrus went from Disney royalty to 2013’s favorite pun, but did you know that at one time she thought she could be the next Paramore?

In her MTV documentary, Miley: The Movement, Cyrus opened up about where she thought she’d end up musically after her Hannah Montana reign was over. Keep in mind she believed in this Paramore idea five years ago when she was 15, noting she was just a “punky teenager.” Obviously that didn’t pan out since she went on an entirely different path altogether.

Wonder if Paramore’s Hayley Williams is flattered or terrified by that confession? Well Williams wasn’t impressed with that VMA performance. She told 98.7 Amp Radio the whole thing made her “uncomfortable,” adding, “I feel like she’s sort of taking a culture that isn’t really hers and sort of using it as an accessory and that actually bothers me more.”

We’re going to go out on a limb and assume there’ll never be a Miley Cyrus/Paramore co-headliner tour.

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