Fans Almost Collapse Venue Floor At Streetlight Manifesto Show

Streetlight Manifesto

I have been to a lot of shows over the years, and there have been times where the floor was flexing so much I thought we were all going to fall through. This has to be one of my silliest fears, but it has definitely crossed my mind a few times when the entire audience is bouncing up and down. Well, according to a fan of Streetlight Manifesto, this exact thing almost happened. The band started, then they had to stop due to the damage that was being caused by the excited fans. It makes sense, the band just started their The End of The Beginning Tour: Final Leg, and this would be the last time the group is playing in Buffalo (at least for a while.)

Check below the jump for a first hand account from a fan who has also supplied a picture of the underside of the floor.



The show was sold out and it was the last time Streetlight was playing in Buffalo (at least for a while). This lead to lots and lots and lots of people packing in like sardines jumping up and down to the opening song, With Any Sort of Certainty.

After the song ends, a guy comes up on stage and tells Tomas something. In turn, Tomas tells us that we need to simmer down because something is going on. So we start to have a nice, chill, acoustic sing-a-long. The guy runs back on stage and is like no, no, no, you have to stop.

The next fifteen minutes consist of security telling everyone that we need to leave because there’s something wrong with the floor. But, seriously guys, no need to be an asshole to the security guys. They were just doing their job, give ‘em a break.

We’re waiting outside, some in the front, some in the back, and Tomas comes out to tell us that the show is going to be rescheduled for November at a different location and they’ll make it up to us.

It was great. The Streetlight guys are awesome. I bet they felt worse than we did about the show being postponed. But I am so freaking stoked to see what happens when they come back.

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