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Last month, comedian Kathleen Madigan released her third one-hour special exclusively on Netflix, but if you aren’t a Netflix member, never fear: Madigan Again was released last week on CD and audio download via New Wave Dynamics for your listening pleasure.

Taped back in May at The Royal Oak Music Theatre in Detroit, Michigan, Madigan Again is yet another expertly-orchestrated special from one of the most respected comedians in the country. Poised, down-to-earth, and timed to perfection, Kathleen Madigan is at her comedic best as she effortlessly moves from topic to topic. Immediately addressing her choice of venues, the comedian credits the people of Detroit as being the most optimistic in the country: “They’re still there. Do you understand? They are still there!”

What comes off initially as a casual collection of stories and experiences quickly stands out as one of the most perfectly-constructed comedic sets I’ve heard to date. Madigan’s transitions from joke to joke are so incredibly seamless that, once she’s gotten started, you are hanging on every last hilarious word. By the time you’ve realized that she’s done telling the story of her experiences in Afghanistan performing for the troops, she’s already well into a brilliant impression of her parents after they’ve refitted their house with energy-saving light bulbs – and you’ve barely noticed the transition. If there is ever a comedian for rookie comics to watch and learn from, it’s Kathleen Madigan.

In Madigan Again, Madigan is able to connect with her audience due to the utter relatability of her material: trusting your mother when she gives you drugs, being terrified of life’s realities, or not wanting to sit through the obligatory gym consultation when you first sign up. Her stories are based on simple, real life premises which fans can identify with. Madigan is also very tolerant of others, which is refreshing in an industry where poking fun of other people is the norm.

“I’ve never smoked pot; I never cared for it,” Madigan states. “I have plenty of pothead friends, and they’re perfectly nice people. They don’t do anything bad at all. Really, they don’t do anything…at all.”

I absolutely adore Kathleen Madigan’s new special, Madigan Again, and can say with fairly high confidence that you will as well. Check it out on Netflix, and be sure to pick up a copy of the CD for your collection.

Grade: A+

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  • BMC9999

    Kathleen Madigan is the smartest and funniest comedian out there – bar none!

  • Kriston McConnell

    She’s definitely funny!