Listen To Dethklok’s “Blazing Star”


Well, it’s finally here. The famous animated metal band, Dethklok, have released an exclusive song tied to their upcoming Cartoon Network special, Metalocalypse: The Doomstar Requiem A Klok Opera, airing October 27. The full soundtrack will be released on October 29, and will feature “Blazing Star” as a bonus track.

Co-creator Brendon Small says that “this is a full blown musical…combined with symphonic passages…high stakes drama, emotional moments, and yes, totally ridiculous comedy” on the special. Claiming this as the most unique Dethklok work to date, Small is certainly hyping up the air date.

The one hour feature will take place on October, 27, at midnight ET, and is set to have guest contributions from Mark Hamill, Jack Black, and Malcolm McDowell, to name a few. Be sure to catch it when it airs, and be on the lookout for the soundtrack a few days after airing.

Drew Caruso

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