Lady Gaga Debuts “Dope”


Keeping fans hungry for her new album, Lady Gaga has come through with a brand new Artpop track ahead of the album’s official release.

Set against a piano and stripped of essentially all genre influences, Gaga uses her latest album cut to vent her apologies and longing. She roars about love and the need for a certain someone in her life as light synth accompaniment creeps into the track, and as the second refrain hits you feel the song could go in any direction it pleases. Gaga plays it cool, keeping things simple-yet-moving, and the results may earn a tear or two if you’re paying close attention. You can stream “Dope” at the end of this post.

Artpop rolls into stores later this month, but if you dig around the internet you’ll find nearly half the songs have already found their way online. We’re not sold on the full release just yet, but songs like “Dope” have us convinced Gaga has surpassed her previous efforts with this album. Do you agree? Comment below and let us know your thoughts.

There is a decent chance a full stream of Artpop will be made available in the coming days. Stay tuned to UTG for updates.

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  • Redondo Beachgirl

    i hope she gets help for her drug addiction.

  • hugstogagaloo

    Love ya, Gaga!

  • Kim Loral

    Brace yourself for the new launch of GAGA after the not so popular Applause.