Sianvar (Members of DGD, ALLB, Stolas, Hail The Sun) Release First Single As A Band

Sick Machine

We’ve been anxiously awaiting any activity from Sianvar ever since the band announced their supergroup existence. Last week, the five-piece released a very brief song teaser and announced that their debut EP is set to come out on January 5, 2014 via Blue Swan.

Today, we get the first full track from Sianvar, which is made up of members from Dance Gavin Dance, Stolas, A Lot Like Birds, and Hail The Sun, which makes perfect sense as they’re all good friends and play very similar styles of music. They’ve started a kind of post-hardcore club, bringing back the days we miss from bands like At The Drive-In, and even more recent acts like Lady Radiator. Sianvar’s new single, “Sick Machine” is undeniably breathtaking. Donovan Melero’s vocals, ever-compared to Anthony Green, really shine as he’s backed by the finest instrumentation from the likes of Will Swan, Sergio Medina, Joseph Arrington, and Michael Littlefield. I can’t help but feel that “Sick Machine” is equal to, if not better, than most of what each member’s respective band put out this year, or last year in the case of Hail The Sun. You definitely hear the influences from each band at play and it makes for an ideal amalgamation of post-hardcore goodness.

Enjoy “Sick Machine” several times after the jump. Now we just have to wait to get our hands on the full EP.

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    Michael “Butters” Littlefield… not Littlefoot

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    Great catch! Fixed.

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