Beyonce Emerges Without Warning; Drops Album On iTunes

beyonce bow down i been on

Remember that time Beyonce put out a record tonight. Surprised? Yea, so is everyone else.

The album is self-titled and features familiar favorites Drake, Frank Ocean, hubby Jay-Z, and kid Blue Ivy. There is a whopping 14 songs and 17 accompanying videos on the release. Quite the undertaking for a secret project.

Of course this means the only thing people will be talking about for the remainder of the year is this record. Smart move, B. This marks the 5th studio album from the superstar, following 2011’s release, 4. Columbia Records is referring to it as “The Visual Album.”

You can grab the record on iTunes now. More details to come as they surface.

Jacob Tender

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  • MarcoMars

    I LOOOVE THIS ALBUM!!!!!! It’s amazing!!!!!