Drake Allegedly Disses Kendrick Lamar On “Sh!t” Remix


Drake has made many comments over the years about not necessarily feeling the need to get involved in a lyrical battle of wits with other emcees because he’s never seen other rappers as competition. He understands his level of celebrity can elevate others on a mention alone and he’s not going to help you rise through the ranks on the back of his success, but some believe the Canadian superstar may be singing a different tune with his latest verse.

Adding a handful of bars to Future‘s highly-anticipated “Sh!t” remix, Drake seems to take aim at someone in hip-hip with the lines:

“I hear you talk about your city like you run that/ And I brought my tour to your city/ You my son there, nigga,” he raps. “If a nigga say my name, he the hot shit/ But if I say the nigga name he still the hot shit/ Fucked up/ Lucky I don’t feed into the gossip.”

You can stream and download the song, for free, at the end of this post.

Pitchfork was the first to call attention to these bars as possibly being strikes against Kendrick Lamar, but I’m not so sure Drake is speaking about a single individual in this verse. He’s often referred to hip-hop in general terms to reflect his feelings towards every rapper trying to stake a claim at his crown, and from what I hear there is nothing speaking specifically to anything Lamar has said or done in the past. To call this a response to “Control” feels a bit premature.

What do you think? Comment below and let us know your thoughts. We are keeping an eye peeled for comments from either rapper on the situation, but would not advise anyone to get their hopes up for further developments anytime soon.

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