UTG LIST: 5 Atreyu Songs You Need To Know In Case They Reunite


The internet has been flooded with rumors of reunion this afternoon following a vague Facebook update from the members of Atreyu. The band, which has been on a break since 2011, posted a photo of the lineup reunited that has lead many to believe a return to the stage is in the group’s future. We cannot confirm or deny those allegations right now, but we can say our hearts would be over the moon if the rumors were true.

Atreyu released five albums during their thirteen-year run together, and many of their songs still find their way into our playlists today. In fact, when news of the potential reunion broke it took less than five minutes for someone on staff to put the band on the office stereo. We listened to The Curse and A Deathgrip On Yesterday in their entirety before we had the idea for this column, and we revisited them each one more time before creating the list you will find below.

No band is flawless, and that includes Atreyu. There are songs and even complete albums we think were misfires for the group, but when their name comes up in conversation it’s the infectious, anthemic hits that come to mind first. They are a better band than anyone has ever given them credit, and even if they do not choose to reunite they will still have left a musical legacy that will be cherished for years to come.

If they do get back together, you will want to be prepared for the tour that will no doubt follow the initial announcement. To accomplish that task, and to stroll down memory lane with one of our favorite post-hardcore groups, we compiled a list of the Atreyu songs every hard rock fan should know. If you feel we missed one, comment below and let us know what makes that particular track special to you.

”Lip Gloss And Black”

If there is one song every fan of Atreyu knows by heart it is undoubtedly “Lip Gloss And Black.” The track originally appeared on the group’s debut album, Suicide Notes and Butterfly Kisses, before going on to be the closing song staple of their live show for the majority of their career. Beyond that, “Lip Gloss” offers a perfect summary of post-hardcore in the early years following 2000. It’s raw, rough, and bursting with so much heart you feel a connection to the bridge even if you cannot relate in the slightest to what is being said. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen a twenty-something sporting a “live, love, burn, die” tattoo and it’s entirely owed to this song.

”Right Side Of The Bed”

The lead single off The Curse, “Right Side Of The Bed” found Atreyu stretching their creative legs and ever-so-slightly wandering into the world of radio ready alternative rock with a hook that is as infectious today as it was in 2004. On the surface it seems like another song about love on the rocks, and it is, but as the verses play out you realize there is a sinister underbelly to the proceedings that makes all the difference. It’s not just sadness, but rage as well. Rage over having your heartbroken, as well as rage over realizing you gave your heart to someone who could care less about you or the way you feel. It’s bitter music for bitter people and it’s absolutely fantastic.

”Ex’s And Oh’s”

Skipping ahead to the group’s third album, A Deathgrip On Yesterday, “Ex’s And Oh’s” is a straightforward rock anthem about battling an addiction to alcohol that refuses to loosen its chokehold on your life. The track marked a significant evolution for the band, as it was the first to lean almost entirely on clean vocals, and as you can probably imagine it divided fans between those who could appreciate change and those who wanted the band that delivered Suicide Notes to return to their original hardcore sound. They never looked back however, and from this single forward the alternative influence on the band’s sound only grew stronger.

”The Crimson”

A lot of people like to look at The Wonder Years as the band that made it cool to share use your journal entries as song lyrics, but we would argue that Atreyu made it hip half a decade earlier with this abrasive cut from The Curse. Filled with references to The Cure, heartache, and the realization you are alone, “The Crimson” challenges the listeners to be honest with themselves and embrace their truth selves with a tale of vampires and cheating lovers that demands repeat listens. The video is underwhelming, but don’t let that hold you back from enjoying all the music has to offer.

”Becoming The Bull”

As mentioned a few picks above, Atreyu underwent a stylistic change with the release of A Deathgrip On Yesterday that changed the overall trajectory of the band. They were now a straightforward rock band, playing alongside the likes of Bullet For My Valentine and similar bands with national radio play. Their next album, Lead Sails And Paper Anchors, found the band further exploring this sound, and perhaps no track could summarize that era in the band better than “Becoming The Bull.” It’s completely unlike any other song on this list, but it still found a way into our hearts and we’re confident the same will apply for you.

BONUS PICK: “You Give Love A Bad Name”

The deluxe edition for The Curse included a cover of Bon Jovi’s “You Give Love A Band Name” that quickly became a live staple for Atreyu. The song never received a proper promotional push, but it has long been a b-side sought after by those hoping to collect every recording the band released. It was also featured on the soundtrack for Mr. And Mrs. Smith. Refusing to sing along is not an option when someone covers Bon Jovi. Hit play and scream until your heart is content.

Written by: James Shotwell

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  • Brian Lion

    I literally think the last time I even heard this band was at Warped in like 2005. I was one of the few that loved screamo and the like that could never get into Atreyu. I thought they were awful.