Meshuggah Fans Petition For Leonardo DiCaprio To Join Band At Bonnaroo

WOWS-Meshuggah Vid

The end of Titanic never really sat well with me. Rose was a headboard hog, and call me cold, but “true love” aside, Jack definitely drew the short straw in that relationship. Personally, I would’ve much rather seen the male protagonist tread the frigid Atlantic waters to safety, and then, in a fit of bitter rage, start a kick-ass Djent Metal band.

Though I could say this about a lot of my favorite movies, I never thought I would have my dream realized. That is, until I saw the recent viral video pairing Meshuggah and the 2013 box office hit, The Wolf of Wall Street. Beautifully dubbed, perfectly concise, and ridiculously hilarious, I can’t make it through the 16-second video without absolutely losing it; check it out:

Not surprisingly, it would seem I’m not the only one who has taken notice of the clip. Earlier today, with the announcement that Meshuggah would play Bonnaroo later this year, a fan-made petition found its way online urging Leonardo DiCaprio to “fully embrace his newly found importance in the metal scene by joining Meshuggah on stage for at least one song.”

While it still remains unclear as to whether or not the 39-year-old actor will answer the call, like many, I am anxiously waiting to find out. If you’d like to see Leo headbang with the best of them, you can sign the petition here.

Kyle Florence

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