Watch Lady Gaga Willingly Let Someone Puke On Her Repeatedly While Singing “Swine” At SXSW Because Art and Stuff


The problem with extremely creative people finding large scale success early in their careers is that nine times out of ten they are unable to maintain that level of fame for very long. That thing called fame is a monster, you see, and recently it got the best of Lady Gaga.

Last night, Lady Gaga was brought on stage for her highly publicized SXSW appearance while strapped to a spit over an active grill. While leather-clad men spun the ARTPOP singer, she worked through her opening number as her dreads lapped the grill below and flames danced just a few short feet away. People were surprised, but not necessarily shocked. It was a Lady Gaga performance, after all.

A bit later in the show things went from weird to downright disgusting when, just before diving into the track “Swine,” Gaga welcomed a woman on stage who could be seen drinking an odd colored substance from an oversized water bottle. As the track began to play, the woman crept closer to Gaga and eventually began to vomit on her. Then again. And again. And again.

The woman vomited on Lady Gaga almost ten times before “Swine” was complete, and in the midst of doing so also joined the “Paparazzi” singer in riding a giant mechanical bull while Gaga shouted “Fuck pop music!” from atop the Doritos Bold Stage.

I cannot make stuff like this up. I wish I could, but my creativity stops before people start showering in vomit.

You can view a video of Gaga’s “Swine” performance below. It’s extremely NSFW, but I should not have to tell you that.

SXSW is supposedly a place for the music business to gather, network, discover, plan, and build the future of the industry, but everyone knows that in recent years the festival has become a hot spot for big name stars to make headlines with crazy, often spontaneous small-scale performances. It’s a marketing trick that to date has worked for everyone from Metallica, to Kanye West, Justin Timberlake, and as recently as Sunday afternoon, even Justin Bieber. It will not, however, work for Lady Gaga.

If you’re reading this, Gaga, please know that I still think your music is pretty special. I don’t know what kind of creative wall you have hit with your live performance to drive you to stunts like those shown to the crowd at SXSW last night, but you can and have done better. Maybe it’s time to take a step back and collect your thoughts.

Lady Gaga – Swine – SXSW Festival Live 2014 by AficiaInfo

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  • Kriston McConnell

    Well, it sure as hell is working.

  • Kriston McConnell


  • rebelyell

    She’s runnin out of shock..Kate Bush (performing live) was artistic,this silliness is just childish.

  • fuck lady gaga

  • greg

  • jim

    Please, just leave her outta it, u got plenty on me.

  • Rich Seeley

    What the fuck

  • Disappointed

    this is not art, this intended for the shock trainwreck factor, nothing is represented, no statements are made, other than this is what our society has finally come to. This is the kinda shit people used to laugh and joke that we may one day see on stage. people vomiting on one another. we are just so desensitized to could be creativity that we flock to these lab created pop stars in droves, not because we want to but because its force fed by all outlets of media. James Shotwell, you are not reporting on whats popular, you are assisting to make it popular by reporting.
    Ill video my gal pooping on the back of my head while i scream elementary ryhmes into some high pile carpet and then Ill go fuck my punching bag. It’ll be a hit.

  • Derek – UTG Review

    I think Picasso would disagree…