Don’t Waste Another Minute Not Knowing Zella Day

Zella Day

Los Angeles-based newcomer Zella Day burst onto the scene with an undeniable statement in the impressive single, “Sweet Ophelia,” and now immediately after returning from SXSW, the inevitable headliner is streaming the b-side to her debut 7″, entitled “1965.”

If you didn’t know any better, it’d be easy to mistake Day for Lana Del Rey in this cut, but not even Lana made an entrance quite as commanding as this. If this debut is any indication of what’s to come in the career of Zella Day, expect to see her name atop the line-ups for all your favorite festivals in the very near future. Between the massive and masterful production to Day’s gorgeously hypnotizing vocals, “1965” graces the b-side of one of 2014’s best releases.

Get ahead of the curve and pre-order the 7″ vinyl release here. It’s set to come out on April 7.

Brian Leak

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