Guitarist Caleb Turman Unsure Of FTSK’s Future

forever the sickest kids 2013

Things aren’t looking good for Forever The Sickest Kids. In a recent interview regarding his new band, Team, guitarist Caleb Turman admitted that he was “moving on” from the four-piece, and additionally said he was unsure of the group’s future. You can read a piece of said interview, originally conducted by PropertyOfZack, by following the jump below.

The Texas-based outfit released their third full-length, J.A.C.K., last May through Fearless Records, and for the most part has been inactive since debuting a music video for their single, “Nice To Meet You,” this past December.

While the group has yet to issue an official statement addressing Turman’s comments, at this time, there appears to be storms on the horizon. Be sure to check back with UTG as this story continues to develop, and don’t forget to comment below and share your thoughts with us.

“POZ: What’s the status of Forever The Sickest Kids right now?

CT: Honestly, man, I’m going to be pretty forthcoming about this. I’m not entirely sure. I’m moving on. With that being said I love those guys. I might even do a tour with them someday in the future. But with that being said, for a while now I’ve been meaning to do my own music. I feel quite set free. I hope I’m not stepping on any toes. On a side note Fearless Records is amazing, I love those guys so much, I hope everyone has a lot of success in that realm.”

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