The Video For tUnE-yArDs’ “Water Fountain” Will Make Your Day

tune-yards Water Fountain

The diverse, polyrhythm-happy pop of tUnE-yArDs is a perfect partner to the finally-budding spring and summer weather. Its zany bounce, funky rhythms, and indomitable brightness wed with the sun-blinded warmth better than even the best fist-pumping punk anthems. It’s music made for dancing down sidewalks.

The project of Merrill Garbus (and, to less heraldry, Nate Brenner) returns in May with Nikki Nack, the follow-up to 2011’s big break w h o k i l l. The first single, “Water Fountain,” was on par with the bounciest, most ululating tracks on w h o k i l l; the second, “Wait for a Minute,” reminded us just how cutting Garbus could be even when cutting the showier tricks in favor of a subtler approach. The album art was as candy-colored as the music merited, and the video for “Water Fountain” has followed suit.

Directed by Joe Kefali and inspired by Pee-wees Playhouse, the pastiche of retro-fantastical imagery must be seen to be appreciated. Brenner is a dancing chef, and the teaser for the video featuring a lesson with Franklin Ruehl and his science potato is paid off. Find the singular viewing experience below, along with a cereal-positive quote from Kefali on the video. Nikki Nack is set for release on May 6 via 4AD. For a reminder on how great tUnE-yArDs videos are, revisit the adorable “Bizness.”

When Merrill approached me wanting to make a video with a “Pee-Wee’s Playhouse” vibe I had to say yes. I’d had plenty of ideas for a kid’s show that had been waiting to see the light of day. I didn’t want to make a straight homage piece; there are moments of nostalgia in there but the video is our own modern, manic, collage of a kids show. Like many great kids shows I wanted to cram in as many ideas as possible and sneak in the occasional wink to the art world, contemporary and historic. The musical dynamic of “Water Fountain” lends itself perfectly to the concept and I think this video is best viewed while consuming a big bowl of cereal. Then again, what isn’t?

Tyler Hanan

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