Will Forte is All Alone in ‘The Last Man on Earth’ Trailer

the Last Man on Earth

It looks like Fox is ready to get weird. The TV station will be picking up a new comedy series called The Last Man on Earth later this year which stars Will Forte and whose pilot was directed by the guys behind The Lego Movie, Phil Lord and Chris Miller. Seth Cohen is also an executive producer. The show follows Phil Miller (Forte) who is literally the last man on Earth… making Forte the only star of the show. Yes, really.

Considering there’s only so much one person can do, we’ll see how this show pans out. Forte is, no doubt, a comedic genius, but letting a TV show ride on his back when given an empty planet to play with is a little risky. Then again, the concept alone raises a lot of questions. What happened to everyone else? Why is he the only one to survive? Is he really all alone?

Watch the trailer below:

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