‘The Martian’ Trailer: Matt Damon Is Left Behind On Mars


Ridley Scott is taking audiences to Mars for his latest film, and so far the results look far more promising than Prometheus.

Earlier today, June 8, the first trailer for The Martian found its way online. The film tells the story of a man (Matt Damon) who must fight for survival on Mars after being left behind when the astronauts he was traveling with were forced to leave the big red planet in a hurry. His desperation is palpable from the opening moments, but soon he finds the strength within to push forward. He eventually makes contact with the others, and they immediately begin planning a way to save the friend they once considered lost forever. Plenty of tension and action ensue. You can view the film’s first trailer below.

The official synopsis reads:

During a manned mission to Mars, Astronaut Mark Watney (Matt Damon) is presumed dead after a fierce storm and left behind by his crew. But Watney has survived and finds himself stranded and alone on the hostile planet. With only meager supplies, he must draw upon his ingenuity, wit and spirit to subsist and find a way to signal to Earth that he is alive. Millions of miles away, NASA and a team of international scientists work tirelessly to bring “the Martian” home, while his crewmates concurrently plot a daring, if not impossible, rescue mission. As these stories of incredible bravery unfold, the world comes together to root for Watney’s safe return. Based on a best-selling novel, and helmed by master director Ridley Scott, THE MARTIAN features a star studded cast that includes Jessica Chastain, Kristen Wiig, Kate Mara, Michael Pena, Jeff Daniels, Chiwetel Ejiofor, and Donald Glover.

I typically shy away from trailers running over three-minutes in length, but this preview for The Martian does a great job of showing a lot without giving away much, if anything from the film’s second and third acts. Comment below and let me know if you agree.

The Martian opens November 25, 2015.

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