Tigers Jaw Stream Moving Acoustic Rendition Of “I Saw Water”

Tigers Jaw 2015

Last year, Tigers Jaw mercilessly melted our hearts with Charmer, an evocative 12-song effort that beautifully showcased the outfit’s top-notch musical prowess. On June 30, the Scranton duo will return with their first-ever acoustic collection, Studio 4 Acoustic Session, and from all indications, it is going to be equally enthralling and wonderful.

Case and point: the record’s second single, “I Saw Water.” Straightforward, but not at any point boring, the group’s latest offering puts Ben Walsh and Brianna Collins’ airtight melodies front and center, and in doing so highlights the pair’s simple but effective songwriting. Check it out after the break (via VICE).

”It’s been a really fun challenge to reconfigure and perform these songs acoustically using a sort of ‘less is more’ philosophy,” Walsh said. “The performance on the record is very raw and essentially untouched, which I am very proud of.”

Pre-orders for Studio 4 Acoustic Session are ongoing.

Kyle Florence

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