We Interviewed Keith from Ligeia!

Today, James talked to Ligeia! The contents of said conversation can be found below! Be sure to check out their album Bad News as soon as you possibly can.

J: Hey Keith, where does the day find you?
K: To be honest, getting over a hangover. We wrote a new song yesterday and then got really drunk..
J: We at UTG have heard the new album, but many of our staff and readers are still unfamiliar with the band for the most part, could you give us a little history lesson??
K: We started in 2004. We wrote our first album in 2005. It was released in 2006. We’ve been touring straight for like 3 years and have a new album out. We had a lot of member changes, but we’re back to our near original line up.
J: Let’s start with the album, what would you say it’s about as a whole?
K: I’d say it’s like the darker side of partying. The songs are about hooking up with girls as opposed to hating them, which is what the last record was about. There’s like a funny song on there as well.
J: Could you give us a little insight to the story behind, “Hoodrat,” a track that, to say the least, is hilarious lyrically and a bit different from everything else on the album?
K: Basically, it’s just about the title. There’s a particular girl in our scene that I talk about. There’s a certain type of girl in every scene who goes to shows and hooks up with all the guys in bands. If you go to shows, I mean, you know who I’m talking about. Kids really like that song. We were going to make it a secret song,but we just threw it on.
J: What is the songwriting process like for Ligeia?
K: This album was written in a month. There was some material we wrote with different drummer sin the past year, but not a lot. We did a lot without a drummer. Usually, we’ll jam for a bit and try to piece together songs. We play it over and over for hours and try out different things and then record it via laptop and critique it. Next day, we’ll go back in and start writing vocal ideas and adjusting things. This time around we’re trying to hit the studio that our friend owns and play some live stuff to make the best of the time we have while we’re at home. We’re bored except for when we party, so we figured we’d write some songs.
J: Okay, onto the live routine, what’s Ligeia’s fall schedule looking like?
K: We’re heading out with Vanna from Massachusetts for two months. We’re doing the full the US with them. As a band, we’re trying to go to Europe really, but there’s no offer or anything. Iw ant to go back in January, but we’ll see. Iw ant to go and drink their beer. It’s really good. It’s so much better than our beer. Even Canada has better beer than here.
J: Do you have any rituals before playing? I know a lot of bands have chants, some smoke, what is yours?
K: We try to like have a shot of whiskey every night if possible. Ryan and I usually get our drink on. Though I think the shot is the only real ritual. That and meeting cute girls.
J: So many bands are falling apart due to financial issues these days, how does Ligeia keep things going with such a harsh economy?
K: I’ve never seen so many bands dropping at once. In my opinion, you got to be in it to win it. Obviously some bands make more than others, but for us we just go at it. We try to make our tour routes pay and we’ll use merch money if we have to. Without merch, we’re screwed. They can’t download T-shirts. Buying merch keeps us going. So thank you to all those who buy our merch.
J: To be random: It seems like every time we hear a band from Massachusetts, especially heavier acts like yourselves, we fall in love. Why do you think that is?
K: I’m not going to kid you, I don’t know. It does seem that kids everywhere love bands from here. I see people everywhere with Red Sox hats and when I talk to them, they don’t even follow the team. They just wear the hats. There’s just something about this place apparently. I would say I love bands from the East Coast more than the West. Maybe it’s just because we’re awesome. Each side of the state has it’s own thing musically. It’s a great state, we’re just lucky I guess.
J: We don’t believe in final questions at UTG. We simply ask that you make a closing statement of your own to go out on. Talk about anything/anyone/or anyplace. It’s all up to you:
K: On the subject of “Bad News,” Tom Brady is out for the season. I’ve been bummed out because of it. I think the Patriots can still make it happen though. It was a big roller coaster for us, I mean, first game, first quarter. Now it’s over for him for the season and it’s bad for us. That’s some “bad news” that’s been on my mind. We play the Jets this weekend and hopefully we’ve got what it takes to beat them. Now I’m going to deal with this hangover, eat, and start drinking again. That’s all I got.

*Written By: James Shotwell*

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