Help Nemes Play Warped Tour!

Our friends in Nemes need you help! Here’s a message from them to you through us:
**i know it says worcester, but its everywhere*

So heres the deal: has a slot on the Kevin Says Stage for the massachusetts Warped tour in 2009. 

They are choosing the most “hardworking band” in each region to play, and we need your help to get it. They have a talk radio show every monday night at 8pm pacific time. For those of you east coast people, thats 11pm. Yeah i know its late, but its WARPED TOUR!!! 

and call in or do whatever to let them know you are our friends! ask them to play a song, talk about a show youv been to, or going to, or whatever! help us out!

Phone: (310) 928-3198
Skype: earnityourself
AIM Chat: earnityourself
Skype Chat: earnityourself 

*Written By: James Shotwell*

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