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Sometimes we at UTG want to hear more from our friends than our own critical minds. So, when the opportunity arises, we give said friends a place to share their thoughts that isn’t on a stage or matched up for guitars and drums. This week, we premiere the first blog from Arise and Ruin’s Ben Alexis. The band’s new album come out Feb. 17, 2009 courtesy of Victory Records.

So the Good people at Under The Gun have give me the opportunity to feature my very own blog on their website, this is the firs time I’ve ever really blogged, so hopefully I don’t get fired, I had a friend that got fired from Starbucks for talking smack on a blog!

I’m currently at a best western somewhere in Ohio, we start tour with Darkest Hour today and I would be totally stoked if I didn’t have to run for the bathroom every 15 minutes and pee outta my ass, I don’t know if it was the Taco Bell, the unheated venue or if I’m looking at round three of food poison from Subway, but this guy is in rough shape!

So what are my options? I supposed I could get some Imodium and bung myself up only to have it come back to haunt me sometime Thursday afternoon. I could just suck it up, but this is going to double our driving time from 4 horus to 8 hours, or I can just shit my pants!
That being said, I do get to go home tomorrow morning, the cool thing about touring in southern Ontario and the weird routing of this tour is that I get to go home almost every night! So that rules!

Anyway, FUCK SUBWAY, seriously, this is the second time this has happened and last time it was 5 of us, they said there was no way to prove it, yeah well theres no way for me to prove your dumbass employee doesn’t wasn’t their hands after peeing or that lettuce is even from this year, but I can send pictures of the results!

Thing is, we usually go to subway cause $5 footlongs are a pretty good deal and lets be honest eating well is really hard to do on tour, so if I cut out subs and I cut out the bell, what does that leave me? Arbys and Mcdonalds? Fuck that I can’t afford new clothes, so I gotta stay in at least somewhat good enough shape to fit in what I got, I could just give up on clothes altogether and start eating burgers 9 times a day, there’s a bunch of nudist colony’s around my house and I’ve always wanted to see what that scenes all about.
Oh hey look another teaser clip from my bands new album!

*Written By: Ben Alexis*
*Posted By: James Shotwell*

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