First Impressions: The Sleeping – What It Takes

First Impressions is a segment where we let you into our early thoughts on a highly anticipated album, This week, we have our early views of the highly anticipated album from The Sleeping, What It Takes. It drops late this month via Victory Records.

Whether you found out about the band through a Victory Sampler, Myspace, or their association with Bayside, anyone I know whose ever heard The Sleeping considers themselves a fan. The band’s previous record, Questions and Answers, found the band molding a very unique rock sound all their own that has, until today, remained unchallenged. After a rerelease of an earlier album and countless miles on the road, the band finally hit the studio late last year for what became, What It Takes. Much like my love of so many Victory bands, I had begun to fear we’d never hear another record so instantly accessible or uniquely original from the band, but rest assured I was wrong. After 5 solid listens to What It Takes, I can tell you the boys are back with style and flare. The album has a very strong Rise Against feel to it, which basically translates to a lot of high energy and powerful vocals. Each track seems perfectly constructed to flow with every other cut and yet they all still feel unique. I’m not allowed to say a lot about the album until the release date, but let me tell you this: You will not only want this album, you will NEED to have it.

*Written By: James Shotwell*

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