We Interviewed Cute Is What We Aim For!

Popular pop rockers Cute Is What We Aim For gave us a call today and below you can read all about their current tour and recording plans!

UTG: Hey Dave, how’s it going today?

CIWWAF: We’re in Cleveland, Ohio getting ready to soundcheck. It’s going well.
UTG: So you’re embarking on the Take Action Tour, can you tell us a little bit about Take Action?
CIWWAF: Take Action tour promotes people to do something. it’s sponsored by dosomething.org and they give you the tools and information to start working on helping charities and organizations. It’s nice to be on a tour that has meaning outside of just playing music and meeting fans.
UTG: So why is Take Action important to you as a band? What do you hope to accomplish by playing this tour?
CIWWAF: I’ve always wanted to be charitable as a band. We have a chance to influence people with what we do and what better way to do that than through touring and our music. A chink of the profits goes to charity and that’s what makes this tour great. Hopefully our fans will take a note and do something themselves. As times get tough its important for people to see that helping others makes the world go round.
UTG: You just got off another tour with Secondhand Serenade, how did that go?
CIWWAF: It was awesome. We’ve all decided it was one of our best tours ever. They were all really nice and we learned a lot from them, but we’ve toured longer so it worked well together. Rocket To The Moon is one of the coolest bands we’ve met that is up and coming.
UTG: With all this constant touring, you must get tired, how do you find the energy to continue on?
CIWWAF: If you really think about it, this band started when we were 15. This is all we know as far as how to live. This is where we spent our developmental lives.I don’t get tirwed because the road is what I now. When I go home it’s weird because I don’t know how to adjust to that mundane lifestyle. We don’t have to reenergize, but when we go home we have to cope with the slower lifestyle. 
UTG: Let’s fast forward two and a half months. Take Action is over. What’s next for Cute?
CIWWAF: We are going to be writing and recording [hopefully this summer] We’re really proud of the last record, but we have a lot more to say and get out there.
UTG: A lot of early adopters to the band were a bit side swiped with the sound changes on the last record, due to both changing members and general growth. How do you see the next evolution of CIWWAF coming out?
CIWWAF: I think what you’re going to get is a marriage of the two records. We’ve already wrote and recorded some of it and that’s how it comes out. I think the last record was more musically cohesive, but simplistic in the lyrics. So this time we’re going to try and put them together. Taking what we learned from John Feldman and applying it to the new record.
UTG: Can you give us a quick run down of how writing works for the band? Is it something you take time outside of touring and everything to do, or are you constantly working on new material?
CIWWAF: Everyone always has ideas and riffs. We jam on the road, but it’s not til we get home that we put it together. Tour is so busy that actually sitting down and putting your thoughts together cohesively is a really hard thing to do. We have riffs and such and Shaant has lyrics and we see what works and doesn’t.
UTG: We always try to add a random question to every interview and yours is: A lot of bands have favorite venues. What’s yours?
CIWWAF: Any HOB is really good. I’m from Orlando and that HOB is gorgeous. Some places are going to sound really bad, but others are built for live sound and that’s where you find the best shows.
UTG: We always close with open floor. This is your chance to just get in something that’s been on your mind:
CIWWAF: I’ve been talking a lot about the recession lately. Everyone seems really down, but I think we need to look at this positively. We’ve been living very lavishly as of late and hopefully this will help people realize that family and home is where it’s at and not all the material things. It’s another driving reason behind us doing this tour. 

*Written By: James Shotwell* 

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