We Interviewed The Friday Night Boys!

The Friday Night Boys are Fueled By Ramen’s new pop rock guy group that are prepping their full length release later this year. These boys are all about the party, but there is a serious side to be found. Read below to see what we mean.


UTG:  Hey guys, how are you doing today?

TFNB: Good! I’m driving in traffic right now on I-95 in Connecticut. That’s annoying, but we’re all in good moods and excited for our show tonight in Allentown, Pa.

UTG: You are gearing up to tour this February, can you tell us a little bit about your outing?

TFNB: We are currently out with our friends in Automatic Loveletter and A Cursive Memory. They’re both fantasticly talented bands and both put on great shows. It has been really fun watching them play every night and getting to hang out with them. We’re having a blast.

UTG:  What can newcomers to your live show expect to see?

TFNB: 20 minutes of in your face rock with shredding guitar solos and lots of brutal mosh-worthy breakdowns! Well, not really. We’re a very fun and energetic band and we have a lot of fun on stage. We like to let our personalities show through and get kids in the crowd as involved as possible
UTG: Your genre of music, a near extreme version of pop rock, is one that’s been building in popularity a lot over the last year. What do you do to make sure you stand out?

TFNB: We try to make our music more mainstream so more people can relate to it. We try to differentiate ourselves from a lot of the bigger bands by connecting with our fans as much as possible. It’s easier to stand out when you can reach out to more people, both through catchy music and face to face contact.

UTG: Your ep, “That’s What She Said,” is a great record for those looking to have a good time, but I must ask, will we see a more serious side of TFNB in the future?

TFNB: Yeah absolutely. Our upcoming full length incorporates the fun and crazy side of us as well as a more serious side. This includes topics regarding relationships heartbreak and friendship as well as partying.

UTG: Do you feel its even necessary to be more serious? I mean, if it isn’t broke, why fix it?

TFNB: It’s not necessary to be more serious, but as much as we love partying and having fun, there are times when we do have to be serious. The music reflects that, and I think that everyone can relate to that. We didn’t go into writing the album saying “we need to be more serious and mature,” it just happened that way. I think that our new album is a perfect mix of fun and serious topics.

UTG: I hope to not sound like im being condescending, its hard to express oneself in words via the internet, but we try our best. In speaking of the internet, its quickly becoming the main tool in marketing a band. How do you utilize the internet for your own growth in the public eye?

TFNB: Just by talking to users that contact you, reaching out and keeping your site fresh, whether it’s new music, blogs, pictures video etc. The internet is a great tool to give people a look into what we’re actually like as people, and it totally helps us connect to our fans better than if we just talked to them for five minutes at a show. We constantly are on our Myspace responding to messages and comments because we love staying in touch with our fans and seeing what they’re up to.

UTG: Alright, enough seriousness, let’s have some fun. Based off the EP artwork, you guys like to party. If we could throw a TFNB party with unlimited funds, what would take place?

TFNB: It would be a circus. Literally. We’d get circus animals. It would be complete with flappers, buxom burlesque busty babes. Midgets would serve drinks. Lots of pyrotenics, mud wrestling. People might die.

UTG: Let’s make a drink. The Friday Night Boy. What’s it consisit of?

TFNB: One part fear, ten parts danger, one hundred parts everclear. No chaser.

UTG: We try to end ever interview by putting the weight of the interview on your shoulders. This is your chance to say whatever you want. The floor is yours and the “mic” is open. Please make your own, personalized, closing statement:

TFNB: First, thanks for the interview opportunity, it’s fun to talk about the cool stuff we’re doing. Second, come to the shows, say hi and lets hang. Third, buy our CD on iTunes if you haven’t yet. Fourth, watch Borat. Fifth, bring us beef jerky. Sixth, listen to Bring Me the Horizon. Seventh, get in the fast lane.

*Written By: James Shotwell*

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