Corpus Christi – The Darker Shades of White

Band: Corpus Christi
Album: The Darker Shades of White
Genre: Metal


1. Parade of Scars
2. It’s always Darkest Before The Dawn
3. Marilyn
4. Baptized in Fire
5. Until The Day
6. Fight For Your King
7. Starry Nights, Cloudy Hearts
8. Western Downfall
9. The Sacrifice
10. I Will Never Forget
11. Prodigal

Take plenty of blast beats and breakdowns plus brutal screams with some singing on the choruses, throw in a couple chugging, drop-tuned guitars with a squeal or a solo here and there, and what do you get? It’s essentially the same formula for every metalcore band, but if you guessed Corpus Christi, then you’re right on (and you probably also read the title of the review). The Darker Shades of White is the band’s latest release, and it’s a surprisingly heavy dose of metalcore.

Right out of the gates, “Parade of Scars,” opens the album up with an insane blast beat that gives it a crazy amount of energy which keeps going to the very end. There is never a moment on the CD that drags. The music is solid. In fact, it couldn’t get much tighter. Everything feels super clean, especially the drum work. Corpus Christi is truly a technical bunch of musicians who really know their stuff. The vocals are sick. The best part about them is that they sound really full, both the screams and the singing.

One of the only issues that I had with the album is the same issue that I have with metalcore itself. Things just get a little old after a while. Every song is always going to have a singing section on the chorus, the guitars are always going to chug along, and there’s bound to be a breakdown at some point. To Corpus Christi’s credit, they do try to change it up on you; they spice things up with a blast beat or a guitar solo every now and then. But it’s not always enough. The chorus on “It’s Always Been Darkest Before the Dawn,” was probably my least favorite thing on the album. “The taste of cold steel on my lips, the rope around my neck, these bitter pills and razor blades seal my fate,” just felt slightly cliché to me.

In the end, The Darker Shades of White is not too shabby; Corpus Christi seems to be onto something here. If this style of metal is your thing, then you’ll definitely dig this. Even if it’s not, it’s still worth checking out.

*Written By: Kyle Viana*
Score: 8/10

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