First Impressions: A Plea For Purging – Depravity

First Impressions is a segment where we let you into our early thoughts on a highly anticipated album, This week, we have our early views of the highly anticipated album from A Plea For Purging entitled, Depravity. It drops in March from Facedown Records.

One of the first albums we ever reviewed was the debut from A Plea for Purging and personally, I have been excited to see where this band would go next. While their debut was a pretty basic metal debut, Depravity unleashes a fury I never thought these boys would bring to the table. Picture Bring Me The Horizon crashing into The Devil Wears Prada at 90MPH with more drive and determination than both of those previously mentioned bands combined. Every track is ridiculously catchy, but still crushingly heavy. Depravity has all the makings of a metal classic and this will surely be the record to break A Plea For Purging into the mainstream market and if it doesn’t, all hope for modern metal fans may be lost.

*Written By: James Shotwell*

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