DG – Sloppy Seconds

Band: DG
Album: Sloppy Seconds
Genre: RnB/Comedy/Crunk
Label: Unsigned

1. Kee-zok Master
2. Stickin’ My Fingers In Illegal Places
3. B-O-O-T-Y Sexxing
4. Inconceivable
5. Kimono Sauce
6. Bitches & Their Women
7. You Just Pulled Landscaping Duty

After a long run in rock bands [that still continues], Aaron Keefner of The Attraction, The Honour Recital, and more has a new passion project that’s unlike anything we’ve heard before and that only in this current music scene really has a place to stand. DG, aka, Aaron and an Ipod with RnB/hip hop tracks, is exactly what this whole crunkcore wave of Brokencyde, Millionaires, etc. is missing – absurdity that tries to be nothing more than lewd, rude, and crude. Sloppy Seconds is both catchy and hilarious at the same time and, as we’ve said, unlike anything else you’ll hear these in the world.

It’s apparent from the opening lines of, “Kee-zok Master,” that this is one disc to take entirely at face value. Beats that seem to come from 4 hours spent on Garage Band or Protools mixed with crooning very bluntly about sex and similar topics [much like every RnB song ever] in a way that seems completely sincere and absurd at the same time. I found myself wondering many times how many takes it took to record this record as I begin laughing and I can’t picture Aaron recording without doing the same. “Sticking My Fingers in Illegal Places,” a track about sex, or lack there of, with a minor really shows the extent of the beat design. The use of string accents brings a near Aftermath Records feel, but then Aaron comes in and your reminded of every Andy Samberg skit ever. It’s funny, but with a beat and hook that sticks with you long after the laughs have subsided. However, the real golden track comes right in the middle with, “B-O-O-T-Y Sexxing,” which, as you can guess, has a very taboo topic it addresses. All the stops in terms of hooks, comedy, and beat are pulled out here. In fact, if one were to not pay attention to the verses, it could be mistaken as a top 40 contender. No lie.

The disc continues on with more hit/miss affair in terms of lyrics and just how memorable it really can be. “Inconeivable,” seems t-shirt reayd with repetition of the line, “she’s a butterface,” and, “Kimono Sauce,” has some of the best lyrics DG can create [for example, “crouching tiger and I’ma hide the dragon”]. However, the other tracks [“Bitches and Their Women,” as well as, “You Just Pulled Landscaping Duty”] just fall on their face. When approaching the RnB comedy world, though really uncharted before, the classic saying of their being “too much of a good thing,” still applies. The beats start to sound overly simplistic and the tongue and cheek lyrics just feel a bit underwhelming. I’m not saying it takes the entire album down, but maybe a bit more work with editing and track selection could have been used on this disc.

In, the end, regardless of how many times this record plays [I’m nearing at least 20 spins now], I find myself red in the face from laughter at one point or another. DG is everything you love about hip hop/RnB, but straight to the point. No innuendo, but straight on references to drinking, sex [of multiple forms], and other moral fiber tearing topics, but with such amazing beats and lighthearted delivery, you never feel guilty loving every second of it. I can’t help, but to recommend this to anyone who loves comedy and the whole crunkcore wave that’s been moving across the nation. If you hate 3oh3, Brokencyde, and Millionaires – this will either help to enrage you more or make you laugh as you’ve finally found on of these artists who realizes it’s all a joke and takes it as that. Nothing more, nothing less. Aaron is here to entertain, and I’m applauding again and again. I will say though, parental discretion is EXTREMELY suggested.

*Written By: James Shotwell*
Score: 7.5/10

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