A Plea For Purging – Depravity

Artist: A Plea For Purging
Album: Depravity
Genre: Metal
Label: Facedown

1. Descension
2. Retribution
3. Malevolence
4. Holocausts
5. Motives
6. Devourer
7. Prevaricator
8. Traitor
9. Misanthropy
10. Reputation
11. Depravity

Oh how I’ve been awaiting this day – the return of A Plea For Purging. After their sizzling debut last year, I was anxious to see where these young metal men would lead us with their follow up. Well, a year has past and they have delivered Depravity, an all out, punch you in the throat record with hooks to really pull you in.

From the very beginning, you know there’s something different about this album. Where the last one seemed to have a lot of high points in the music, the applause is much more evenly dispersed from the get go as both the vocals and lyrics are head and shoulders above the predecessor. I can forgive a vocal less intro if the rest of the record holds up and it’s obvious as soon as, “Retribution,” starts that this is exactly the case with this record. There’s a melodic Bring Me The Horizon feel to this track that just sucks you into the Plea For Purging soundscape. Those looking for some guitar work will suck in, “Malevolence,” and, “Motives,” as both of these have dueling works of guitar genius as well as technical work that no one can deny. In fact, by the time the first half ends, you’ll be sold on the album and then, like Christmas morning, the second half comes to show you there is more to experience.

“Prevaricator,” and, “Traitor,” bring us more of the guitar goodness we’ve come to expect and appreciate from Plea. Then, there is a straight stab in the throat from the power of, “Misanthropy.” Seriously, this song starts like a cartridge from a shotgun and never relents. It just barrels on until every ear has been dominated by their’ screams and chugs. It obviously is the most solid track on the record. There’s even an old school hardcore throwback in the second verse. It’s hard to put into words, but the feel of it brings to mind Madball shows and that’s awesome to find on a release like this. The album also has a notable closer within, “Depravity,” which stands as one of the bands most large scale sound attempts to date. It all begins simply enough with chugs and accents, but evolves into a full blown metal track before giving us a spoken word prayer that leads us out. It’s heart wrenching and heavy even as the guitars dies out. It’s gorgeous.

In the end, A Plea For Purging have not only outdone themselves, but a lot of their scene as well. Christian metal is taking a huge leap in 2009 [Plea For Purging, Impending Doom, Devil Wears Prada all have amazing albums] and it’s good to see a young band taking the reins. Don’t be surprised when you see this band everywhere – we warned you.

*Written By: James Shotwell*
Score: 9/10

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