Live Report: We The Kings ACOUSTIC!

East Lansing, MI
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Radio sponsored shows generally have something for everyone. These are those dream concerts that would never happen under normal circumstances. Much like every winter when 89x here in Michigan seems to get every large name in the scene together or the multiple K-Rock shows out West – these are the shows that sell out because you know it won’t most likely happen again. Such was the night of March 11th when I, thanks to a Lansing based radio station, saw new scene stars We the Kings perform acoustically.

The night began on two less than gratifying notes. The opening acts were both locals who performed acoustically solely to fit the night . Both bands were not quite prepared for the world of acoustic as neither seemed to rework their seemingly scene rock songs for the acoustic crowds. Less than exciting banter and horrible covers [Miley Cyrus and a one vocalist version of All time Low’s “Remembering Sunday”] made for a sour taste in the crowd’s mouths. 

However, after a long wait, WTK finally took the stage. Well, 2 of them did, but this is acoustic, so what does it matter when it comes to how many there are? Anywho, the crowd was nearly moving with excitement over what was to come as they walked onto the stage. Without needing to introduce a single track, the crowd swayed and sang as if they all knew every word and note [though the latter was far from true] with smiles on their faces. The night finally seemed to be soaring, but then, after only 6 songs [one of which being the birthday song we’ve all known our entire lives], WTK was done. You’re telling me I waited through two terrible bands, overpriced concessions, and getting a speeding ticket to see 6 songs?! Come on, tell me a story or play me something new! This was basically every track on the band’s Myspace player put into acoustic form with dozens of out of tune backup vocalists drowning out the true talent.

An experience? Yes. Something I’d go through having known how short everything would be? Never.

I love you WTK, but you let me down.

*Written By: James Shotwell*

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