Silverstein – A Shipwreck In The Sand

Artist: Silversteinsilverstein-a-shipwreck-in-the-sand
Album: A Shipwreck In The Sand
Genre: Hard Rock
Label: Victory


I don’t think many people expected Silverstein to make it to album number four. This genre is flooded with bands that can barely scrape two solid records out, but Silverstein has already given us 3 and let me tell you, #4 does not let us down. In fact, “A Shipwreck in the Sand” may be their best album to date.

Known for opening albums big, Silverstein steps it up a bit with, “A Great Fire,” the first part of the first of four chapters this record is broken into. The storyline is a bit hard to trace, but the energy is high as ever. The song destroys, but not as much as the follow up and lead single, “Vices.” Take the classic heavy Silverstein track and speed it up with a Bring Me The Horizon breakdown and you have something no one can deny. Meet that with the long swirling around, “Broken Stars,” and you have the best lead tracks of the year thus far. This leads us into the equally enthralling chapter 2 that features the record’s best track, “Born Dead” featuring ex Comeback Kid frontman Scott Wade.

Then we reach the terrible twist of fate this genre succumbs to: the second half of the record. Theoretically, if every band in this scene released only EPs, I wouldn’t have a problem with many album. The third chapter gives us a bit more exploration sonically, but it doesn’t quite pay off. The title track for instance is very different musically, but mixing spoken word over way too loud guitars just fails on every level. It pains me to say, but as this is one of the best records from this act, this song is one of the worst. However, the fourth act does gives us some more assurance that the band still has their footing.”We Are Not The World,” one of the best on the album, comes in for a late in the game save. It’s not the smoothest finish, but it’s a fine one regardless.

I have loved Silverstein since I first heard, “Smashed Into Pieces,” and I will continue to for a long time to come. Though their sound has been slow to evolve, the evolution takes a gigantic leap with this new record. It’s not as smooth as the prior album, but exploration isn’t always clean. I’m sure next time around, that’s right album 5, that everything will be even better than now because it’ll all be smooth out. Keep it coming Silverstein, you never fail to impress me.

*Written By: James Shotwell*
Score: 7/10

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