Mims – Guilt

Artist: Mimsmims-guilt-official
Album: Guilt
Genre: Hip-Hop
Label: American King Music/ Capitol

1. Guilt
2. The Skit
3. On & On
4. Love Rollercoaster (featuring LeToya Luckett)
5. Move (If You Wanna)
6. One Day (featuring Ky-Mani Marley)
7. Chasing Sunshine (featuring KVN)
8. Rock ‘N Rollin’ (featuring Tech N9ne)
9. Be My Hustla’ (featuring J. Holiday)
10. Makin’ Money
11. In My Life (Why Oh Why)
12. One Last Kiss (featuring Soler Mesh)
13. Heal Me (Outro) (featuring Soler Mesh)
14. I Do (featuring Nice & Smooth)

Wow…can you believe that it is springtime already? I can’t. I also can’t believe that it is springtime and I am yet to hear a commercial rap album that had any replay value.

Mims sophomore effort, Guilt, was just enough to keep me entertained for a few plays and then I shelved it. Sounds pretty harsh, but guess what? It’s the honest truth. Mims has only sold 12,404 copies up to this point and his album dropped ten days ago. Wow. I feel sorry for the poor saps that actually spent the fourteen dollars on this Frisbee.

Let me put this out there for the people who think that I am just bashing Mims: I am a Mims fan! I’ve been following Mims since 2001 and haven’t looked back since. His first album was a disappointment because it was filled with his three ringtone songs and a bunch of filler that only impressed me because the beats were knocking. I can’t even say the same thing about Guilt. It just kills me because I know Mims is a great lyricist…but he sold his soul to the record industry for a small amount of money to make crappy music. Tell me you true rap fans remember Mims kicking it in Canada with Choclair? I miss THAT Mims.

This is why Mims isn’t hot…on this album. It isn’t hard for these rappers. They don’t play any instruments, don’t make any of their beats, they just write 48 lines and record them. You would think that Mims could have put a little effort into the small mechanics it takes into writing bars. Nope. Lyrically he sounds pathetic. One syllable rhymes, lazy slow flow, simple rhyme schemes and the same song content throughout the whole album.

But look at what Guilt did do for us. It brought us the song, “Rockin’ Rollin’,” which in my opinion is one of the hottest songs I’ve heard all year. Is it because Mims blessed the track with his presence? Nah. It’s because Tech N9ne finally came out of hiding and dawned one of the illest verses I’ve heard in forever. Tech was immaculate. The flow, lyrics, and delivery of his verse made me bob my head until my neck snapped.

The rest of the album is the same garbage we’ve already heard—literally. Throw on the track, “On & On.” Mims completely bit the flow, delivery, and attitude of Kanye West’s track, “Roses.” Aside from that, J. Holiday hops on the track, “Be My Hustla’,” for a southern influenced R&B club jumpoff about comparing the way girls make Mims feel with a cup of Lil’ Wayne’s favorite drink—yah you guessed it, that LEAN! A couple things about that song made me upset…first, Mims is from Washington Heights, New York and not from Treeport, Louisiana. No one gave Mims jurisdiction to make southern rap music. Second, Mims stated in an interview two years ago that he does not drink liquor, alcohol, or any other party beverages as a recreation activity. How can you listen to trash like this when the rapper just threw it on the album because it’d get a ringtone download? Mims is lying to you people and 12,404 of you are buying every word of it!

Guilt is one of the biggest disappointments ever. This album would be perfect for you if you love to listen to albums that sound like a mixtape with fourteen different themed songs talking about the same topics: money and women. Do yourself a favor and do not pick up this album. Save your money for a rapper who actually cares about his craft and not for one who abuses his talent for a measly record industry check!

Written By: Brandon Folsom

Rating: 5/10

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