Sky Eats Airplane Interview

up-sky_eats_airplaneRecently while in Pontiac, James and Grant had the chance to sit down with members of Sky Eats Airplane and special guest Johnny Craig of Emarosa.

UTG: So the tour so far has been incredible. I know it has sold out every night, and there are kids lined up around the block and have been for a while now. So, How do you think it is going for you guys?

SEA: It’s going really well, some kids who have never heard your band before, they all get to see you. You know, The Devil Wears Prada and A Day To Remember are kinda bigger. So, Kids come out to see them, and it happens a lot on this tour where they come up to us after the show and are like “Oh my god, i’ve never sen your band before, i love it.” It’s good exposure to people who wouldn’t normally care.

UTG: How about you Johnny, how’s it going?

JC: Yeah, I’m just pretty surprised my bands doing anything on this tour. Our bands are like completely opposite.

SEA: They are definitely the stand out band, but kids still get into it. I mean, we still have kids that stand up there and give us the finger, because we’re not ‘breakdown, breakdown, breakdown’.

UTG: So, do you think that post-tour it is going to reverberate and come back around?

SEA: Yeah, definitely. I mean, thats the thing about touring, kids ask us all the time “Oh man, i want to get paid big on these big tours,” It’s like, we have been tour since before we were signed, after we were signed. It’s what we do, we are a touring band. Like on any tour kids out out to the show for one specific band, but the are forced to watch you weather they want to or not. They are going to be standing there and we’re going to be on stage. You can definitely tell that touring helps out your drawling kinds in, not just locally.

SEA: It provides credibility. Now days there is internet buzz, and then there’s touring buzz. You really have to prove yourself in person.

UTG: We were talking about this earlier, we love the record and we gave it a good review on the site, that would have been really awkward if we hadn’t. I’m just waiting for the time we walk into the room with a band we didnt give a good review to, and have them just be waiting…

SEA: *laughs* I don’t think we would ever know. There are so many reviews of us all over the world, we don’t give a sh*t what people say about us.

UTG: Do you guys write on the road or do you wait till you get back.

SEA: Yeah last tour, with the last record, we wrote most of that in the studio. This tour we have started to write on the road a lot more, we have basically toured non-stop. So, we are slowly setting up to be able to record scratch tracks and stuff on the road.

UTG: Do you figure you are going to be on the road most of the year as is, or are you going into the studio?

SEA: It’s all in the air really, nothing is set. What we have talked about doing these last two weeks is doing an overseas tour in England. Possibly recording in sweden with this producer that we all want to record with. Hopefully we can do a tour over there, and just stay over there… seems logical to me.

UTG: How about you Johnny, do you write on the road?

JC: I do both. Usually write on the road, write in the studio. We definitely dont write an entire album out on the road. I mean, you write ideas, and then you just kinda piece them together when you get home or when you’re in the studio.

SEA: It’s a lot easier for us, because, their full band writes the music. With us, our guitarist, for the most part, writes the music. So, he writes it and travis will record the program drums. This is Travis’ first tour with us, so now that we have a drummer that can actually write drums and not just mimmic what he has heard, it will be a huge help.

UTG: So how is tour going for you, first time out?

SEA: I can honestly say it is unlike anything i have ever experienced. I have never played in front of crowds of this size.

SEA: He only had about a month of practicing and learning all of our songs, before we went on tour.

UTG: Let’s talk about the ‘Numbers’ video for a second.

SEA: How horrible it is?

UTG: It’s confusing.

SEA: It’s retarded, and stupid, and the worst video ever made.

UTG: You aren’t fans? What did you set out to do with it?

SEA: Honestly, that one, i have no idea. I just did it, because, the guy that was producing it, all of his treatments sounded really badass. Like, the treatment of a video is the writing before, where it is mapped out one by one, what people say and do, like the script of a movie. So it’s like everything in detail. We got four treatments from four different producers. The first from that guy, he was the most cool and badass out of all of them. We went and recorded it first in New Jersey, we were on tour with a day off, so we rented out this huge building, and spent weeks building this stage and casted al of these extras. we get there, do make-up, hair, all that stuff for the video, completely legit. Then we run through the set one time and cops come barging in and fire marshal come barging. Long story short, i guess some paperwork wasn’t filled out or something. We were playing in Jersey the next day, so we called the owner of the venue ad asked him if we could record the video there. Luckily he let us do it, so we got there and stayed till like 3-4 in the morning recording this video. Basically, it turned out like shit, there was no plot to it at all. So the producer offered to re-do the video for free, because we all hated the first one. So, he rented out this huge mansion in New York, and like, once again did the whole thing. We did the video, and it seemed really cool, but when we got it, even with all of the editing, we were just never really impressed with it. It sucks, we did it way long ago, and it’s just now coming out. So, there’s no hype for it, no one knows what it is, it doesn’t make any sense.

UTG: Do you think you will come back to doing a lot of acoustic work?

SEA: I dont know man i like singing to an acoustic guitar. It gives me a break from singing really high pitched. I get to a more mellow, John Mayer type, singing.

UTG: Alright, so we don’t really do the whole last question thing. Instead, we put the pressure on you guys. We like you to make a closing statement, but, you can’t talk about the tour, the band, album, or anything of the sort.

SEA: Everybody should go check out this girl, named Lights, she’s from Toronto.

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