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From the press release:

West Virginia – Summer is just around the bend, and with it comes fresh air, new music and good times had by all. Not Alone recording artists TIME AND DISTANCE will bring all facets of summer to fruition with the release of their third album Gravity on July 14, 2009. With years of experience as a solo artist, Greg McGowan (guitar, vox) has channeled his experience as a singer/songwriter into this trio that has already toured with the likes of Boys Like Girls, Midtown and Hit The Lights.

Produced by Rob Freeman (of Hidden in Plain View), this is the album that Time and Distance have been waiting their entire careers to make. “It was the first time we really took our time writing more songs than we actually needed so that we could pick the best of the best,” explains McGowan, “I’m more stoked on the final product than anything we’ve done before. I couldn’t be happier.”

With piano parts recorded on a laptop in their hotel bathroom and a cigarette pack guitar amp used for some of the guitar tracking, this album largely came together on the spot and is void of the excessive layering that plagues so much of today’s new music. The title track “Gravity” is “kind of a summarization of the record in that it goes through all the different themes of the entire record,” says McGowan, “it is probably my favorite song on the album and it was written entirely in the studio.”

With a new album teaser available at myspace.com/timeanddistance, Time and Distance are ready to continue going with the flow this entire summer and with each step, bring a fresh approach to the music they’re making.

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