First Impressions: There for Tomorrow – A Little Faster

First Impressions is a segment where we let you into our early thoughts on a highly anticipated album, This week, we have our early views on There For Tomorrow’s A Little Faster. It drops June 9th.


The competition for this year’s All Time Low is on. Which pop rock group will become the new scene kings in 2009? Well, I have been proclaiming a few bands this year, but some new heavyweight have tossed their record into the mix. There For Tomorrow’s debut full length A Little Faster doesn’t tread too far from the ground covered on their debut EP, but there’s a sense of maturity that really carries the record. Vocalist Maika Maile has a new edge to his voice that makes every song a bit more powerful than before. Additionally, these songs feel a bit more “filled out” than those on the EP. Tracks like, “Wish You Away,” “Just In Time,” and, “The World Calling,” seem to pull out all stops to create a great song. Currently, it seems like every track could be a single, but that the band didn’t set out with this in mind. It all flows and never takes shortcuts for accessibility. If you thought this band was a fly by night group, it’s time to think again. If you are on the other side and thought the EP was terrific, just wait, it gets so much better.

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