Tom leaves A Day To Remember:


To some of you this may come as a complete shock, and to others it will be nothing more than old news. However, we felt that what we’re about to tell you shouldn’t be left unsaid.
Anyone who came out to see A Day To Remember on our last European tour, or the majority of our tour with The Devil Wears Prada probably noticed that something was different.

Tom wasn’t with us on our tour in Europe due to a broken wrist, and then was unable to complete the The Devil Wears Prada tour because it hadn’t completely healed. Our Friend Kevin Skaff filled in on both tours for us while Tom was healing up at home.

Here’s the real juice…before Tom’s injuries forced him to leave the Prada tour, it was known that Tom was looking to settle down, focus on his recording studio, get married, and prepare to start a family sometime soon. When it was decided that Tom was leaving the tour due to his injuries, we also discussed his passion to continue being in the band.

He told us he no longer had the drive to tour anymore. We all knew that he was genuinely over it, and we all collectively decided that it was best for him to just not be with us anymore. We flew Kevin back out a day later to fill in for the remainder of the tour.

At the end of the tour we all discussed what we were going to do about a new guitarist, and decided that Kevin was the man. He’s an amazing guitarist, an incredible singer, and fits perfectly into what we’re trying to do. His personality meshes so well with the rest of the band. We’ve become best friends with him in the short time he’s been with us, and everyone that’s seen him with us knows that our set doesn’t suffer due to the change. 

I know it’s going to be hard for everyone to believe that Tom just left the band and that all of us were supportive about it.. Hell, I don’t believe other bands that say the same exact thing. This was genuinely a mutual move for Tom and A Day To Remember. There is no point in rumors starting due to this formal announcement, because there is no truth to anything other than Tom was done touring and we were ok with that.

There are no bad feelings. Actually, we all just went to Tom’s wedding last week. It was awesome, and we could all tell how excited he is. We’re stoked for him, and he’s stoked for us. The band is tighter then we’ve ever been. Tom is still going to be a big part in the writing process, and will remain so as long as we are a band. The music and sound won’t change, just the person playing it.

We all hope that as fans of the band you can respect Tom and the rest of our decision. I spent almost 6 years in a band with Tom, so I assure you that seeing him go wasn’t easy or the way I envisioned things from the start. We just hope that you all will be able to accept this change and move forward with A Day To Remember.

Tom wanted to make sure this was added. “I am still very close with everyone in the band. I am so excited for what the guys are going to do with Kevin. He is a great musician and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I’m excited on what material we all can create when it comes time to write a new record.”

Everyone should do two things. Find Tom on myspace and wish him luck on his new life ( And secondly, send Kevin a message welcoming him to A Day To Remember (

We love you all. Thanks for understanding and being supportive. We can’t wait to see you all on this European tour, and Warped!

Josh, Jeremy, Alex, Neil, Tom and Kevin
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