Live Report: Movers & Shakers

img_7122Last night Boston’s Movers and Shakers brought their brand of Replacements-era punk meets Tom Waits grit to Great Scott to play the final show of local legends The Serious Geniuses with Bread & Roses and Lemuria. Much like their press photos imply, the PBR was a plenty and these guys showed the packed house just how tight their live show can be.

The group may have been one of the opening acts, but with the hometown crowd on their side and a recently released record full of alt-rock/country laced anthems and tales of life, the group might as well be the closer. I mean, it’s not for everyone, but the best music is never intended to reach the masses – it’s intended to hit a certain group like a bullet and last night the entire crowd fell victim to Movers & Shakers steady aim.

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