Slum Village Concert Review (06-20-09)

Slum Village @ The Intersection (06-20-09)


Elzhi on stage @ The Intersection in Grand Rapids, MI

VENUE: The Intersection, Grand Rapids, MI.

The Intersection is a nice size club that is perfect for mildly famous groups. If I had to estimate there were at least 150-200 people in the venue and the place was rocking. Slum Village did their thing and handled the small audience well and kept everyone entertained from start to finish.


ACTS: Big Scar, Flying Without Wings, AB & Coconut Brown, and Slum Village. Records spun by DJ SuperDre

Big Scar started the night off and did his thing with two tracks. I about lost it when this dude said, “I need money like I need a salad,” which is referring to his weight. He kept it real though and I’m glad he did his thing — it took a lot of balls to open the show when not many people were there to vibe to anyone but SV.

Followed by him was Flying Without Wings, which in my opinion is a virtual fusion of Kanye West, Kid Cudi, Pharrell Williams, and any other spacey-like rapper imaginable. They brought a lot of style and swagger to the show…they were also really interesting to watch.

Next was AB & Coconut Brown. These guys have been making their way around Western Michigan and have built quite a name for themselves as a live performing band. Kudos to them for getting where they are today.

Last up we had Slum Village. They tore down the place. Elzhi and T3 killed it all night with their crazy lines and energetic stage performance, but Baatin made me shake my head too many times. Baatin showed up to the stage completely blizted out of his skull and kept fumbling around. At one point he fell completely on his ass and at another time he spilled water all over the place trying to drink it. *Shake My Head…again*

Shout out to DJ SupreDre for doing her thing. Female DJ’s are always so sexy! (in the non-creepy way).



The show was pretty entertaining and fun overall. I will definetly be going back to The Intersection because they know how to treat their customers and they bring in great acts to enjoy. Their venue is right next to the expressway so it is an easy in and an easy out and I was able to find a parking lot for only $3.00 a spot. Baller.

Final Score:  7.5/10

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