50 Cent talks “Before I Self Destruct”

NEW YORK — No fair; 50 Cent is cheating.

Well, it’s not really cheating when you have producers such as Dr. Dre, Timbaland and Polow Da Don working on your album. Fif is stacking the deck for his current incarnation of Before I Self Destruct. Fif is on his third different production of the album, and he said the third time’s the charm.

“I feel like my album is as close to perfect as it’s gonna get,” 50 told MTV News last week. “I’m reaching the point to where if I have to continue to write it, I’ll be overkilling it. That’s why I gave myself other writing assignments, like the War Angel [mixtape], like the ’90s [tape] Sincerely Southside Part 2 and our actual G-Unit mixtape I’m doing with [Lloyd] Banks and [Tony] Yayo.”

Fif said reconnecting with Timbaland for Before I Self Destruct has been a unique experience.

“When me and Timbaland go in, a lot of times it’s a compromise,” Fif said. “He’s doing things that’s a little different production-wise from what I would usually do. Like ‘Ayo Technology’ — you never heard me rap with that cadence. That beat was actually for Justin [Timberlake]. It was golden, some sh– he had on the side, and he gave it to me. I went and did it. Justin laid the hook to it.”

Timbo will go in the studio and mumble a melody and tell Fif to pen lyrics with that flow, which 50 said is easy for him.

“I could put lyrics to any melody,” the G-Unit General said. “I can write a rap song, I can write an R&B song, I can write whatever type of song. If you put a note on it where I can hear it, man, I can write that. We did that, and that’s how I came up with that new cadence for ‘Ayo Technology.’ We did that a couple of times while we was on there working [on Before I Self Destruct]. It’s fun that way to have him participate with me.

“Even if you ain’t got the words,” 50 added. “You’re up there, ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.’ Tim will be like, ‘I can’t believe that. He was able to make everything I just made a noise into a real cadence.’ I seen him take pens or pencils into a cup and put it into a shaker. I’m sure nobody else has shaker sounds like that. … I seen some interesting things from Timbaland.”

Polow also worked on the new album, but he had music prepared for 50 before the MC came to the studio. Before I Self Destruct drops in September.

courtesy of MTV News

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