Weekly 5: Top Cults [with members of J.A.C.K.]

Weekly 5 is our attempt to get more coverage for more artists. Doing interviews and even moreso scheduling them can be difficult, especially in the busy summer tour months, so to give bands opportunity for coverage when our schedules don’t meet too well, we’ve developed: The Weekly 5. This is a top 5 list any any topic the band chooses that is meant to let you know more about them in a new way. Feel free to comment with your opinions.

This week’s guest: J.A.C.K.
[click the image if you don’t this hot up and coming act!]


J.A.C.K’s Top Cults!

1.  People’s Temple–Jim Jones headed this one.  Drink the punch, babies.

2.  O.T.O.–This is an occult Masonic Lodge of sorts, I guess.  Aleister Crowley’s wife apparently had sex with a goat.  Sign us up.

3.  Satanism–this is great because you get to use naked women as an altar, have orgies, drink blood, and generally engage in all sorts of taboo practices.

4.  Children of God–basically hippies for Jesus.  Lots of free love/religious prostitution that encouraged adult/child sexual relationships.  

5.  The Metropolitan Church of Art of the Leading Christ–This church had one member, the pianist Erik Satie, who famously defenestrated his girlfriend.  

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