Weekly 5: Quixote picks Michael Jackson’s Top 5!

As an email from the band state upon delivering this to me, they compiled this list on Tuesday. That’s two days before the unexpected death of the King of Pop. Obviously this feels like the perfect time to bring out his classic, so I figured there was no reason to wait another week to post this. R.I.P.

Weekly 5 is our attempt to get more coverage for more artists. Doing interviews and even moreso scheduling them can be difficult, especially in the busy summer tour months, so to give bands opportunity for coverage when our schedules don’t meet too well, we’ve developed: The Weekly 5. This is a top 5 list any any topic the band chooses that is meant to let you know more about them in a new way. Feel free to comment with your opinions.


-Michael Jackson’s Top 5 Songs-

1. Can’t Stop Til You Get Enough
The video alone makes this worth being on the list…but the song itself is great too. The falsetto, the horns, his hair…this is classic Michael Jackson, plus a green screen. What more can you ask for?

2. Billie Jean
This song is incredible not only because of the bass line, the video or even his performance of it on Motown 25 but because it brought us one thing — The Moonwalk.

3. Smooth Criminal
Any song that warrants a video combining mobsters in zoot suits and a galactic space fight is OK by us. The dance sequence at the end is killer too.

4. Black or White
The message and the campaign behind this song was and still is hilarious. MJ wanted the world to unify over anti-prejudice and to not see colors just to see people. The video shifts through different faces back and forth between all skin colors. This is funny because he did the same thing in real life.

5. Beat It
Van Halen is a bad ass. Also: Knife fight. Were those knives or combs? We can’t remember.

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