DJ Big Mike Raided by RIAA?

All I can say, if this story is true, is FINALLY! It is about time the RIAA starts sticking it to these mixtape DJs instead of the small time people who are using P2P to steal music. A ka-jillion and more mixtapes are released each day by mixtape DJs–all of which containing unpaid royalty used music. So many remixes and remakes of songs or even original songs are featured on mixtapes and not a cent is paid to royalty fees to the original artists. How have they gotten away with this so far? Easily. By selling the album art work and the case the CD comes in…not the actual music on the disc. Piss-posh. Peep the article. I got excited a tad when I read it:

An initial report came out Wednesday (July 1) alleging that DJ Big Mike’s home was raided by the RIAA on May 29. Big Mike, real name Mike Wilcox, was said to have arrived at his home in Danbury, Connecticut to the surprise of federal and local officers entering his residence. During the raid, it was reported that around $200,000 in cash was found, as well as over 15,000 mix discs.                                                                                                                                                                                           However, after this report came out, Big Mike has told that the statements concerning the raid are “totally false.” He reiterated this same sentiment on, in which he stated, “The story is completely bogus. While I do have a prior legal situation I can’t speak on, I can say today’s claim is absolutely false.”

courtesy of HipHopDX

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