Introducing: FrankO

When a band makes the step from being a UK band to crossing the pond and attempting to take over the US as well, a lot of risks are involved. The sheer cost and time needed to do so is quite large, so generally, the only ones who make the leap are the ones who really deserve to do so. In recent years, we’ve had Franz Ferdinand, You Me At Six, Bring Me The Horizon, and soon…FrankO.


Don’t know them? Check out “Today” below:
[audio: Today.mp3]

Also, in an attempt to be your one stop source for new music, we went ahead and interviewed the band so you could know them better!:

UTG: How are things today?

FrankO: It’s pretty good.

UTG: Now, you’re a new act on the US side of the music world. Give us a short history on FrankO.

FrankO: We’ve been together for about 2 years now. Rich and I met at school and the other guys were in Rich’s old band. We got together and here we are.

UTG: So we only recently learned of your act over here. What kind of plans do you have to spread your name on US soil?

FrankO: We’re going a lot of showcases. We’re going to CGM in October. We’re gonna do a ton of interviews and such. It seems we have a lot of attention building so we’re going to reach out to those who want to see us and hopefully have word spread.

UTG: As you’re surely aware, there’s been a flood of new bands in the last few years with the rise of social networking and the ability to record cheaply with any computer. What do you think sets you guys apart from the rest?

FrankO: We’ve been kind of doing our own thing. A lot of bands coming out have the same style of music, you know, like You Me At Six. We veered away from that. If you listen, you’ll know.

UTG: If you had to summarize the message of the music of FrankO, what would you say you hope people take away from your songs?

FrankO: I use a lot of messages. Uplifting stuff that I want people to make their own ideas about. Music is there to help you.

UTG: Let’s talk hopes and dreams. Where do you want to see FrankO in a year from now?

FrankO: Hopefully going around the world. America and Thailand is done and we want to go to more places. For the album to be huge and people to get what we’re doing.

UTG: In the event this all works out for the best album and tour wise, who would you like to work with in the future?

FrankO: A cup of tea with Paul McCartney would be lovely. Franz Ferdinand, Kasabian, and really anyone that would be willing to give us some advice. Though supporting Kasabian would be incredible.

UTG: Well, this has been mostly a “get to know” type of interview and I’m sure we’ll do something more in depth soon, but do you have any closing comments for our readers?

FrankO: I think they should make an iphone app where your phone can become a universal remote for any television. We’ll give someone a signed cd for creating that app.

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