Kiss Kiss 4 Song Stream

kisskissKiss Kiss are releasing their new record, The Meek Shall Inherit What’s Left, whose title is a joke at the Biblical telling of the end of the world, tomorrow, July 7th. In celebration of this exceptional release, the group have been gracious enough to allow us to share four of our favorite songs from the record with you. If you haven’t heard Kiss Kiss before, be prepared for something epic. Though made up of only five members, their sound radiates that of a full band and orchestra. Check out the tracks below and look for our review to appear here later this week!

[audio: 02 Plague #11.mp3]
Plague #11

[audio: 04 All They Draw.mp3]
All The Draw

[audio: 09 Through The Day.mp3]
Through The Day

[audio: 10 If They Only Knew.mp3]
If The Only Knew

Want even more Kiss Kiss for free? click HERE to download the song “Innocent I” for FREE

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