5 Minutes with Frankie from Emmure



UTG: Hey Frankie! How’s it going?

F: Chillin, just got done on Warped, about to blaze it up and start the party.

UTG: It’s been awhile since we caught up with you on our site. Actually, I think it’s been since last Summer around this time. What’s changed in the world of Emmure?

F: We got a new record coming out, killin it on Warped. Thrash and Burn next. Small cities and everything. We’re hitting Europe and such as well.

UTG: Well it seems you have a new record due out on August 18th. What can you tell us about that?

F: It’s our best record as a band. Internally, we’re really tight and it’s going to show. This record is going to be our defining sound and record. Straight up, we’re just so tuned into this new record that we’re happy with it and wanna share it. It’s the most ferocious, meanest, and off the charts thing we’ve done.

UTG: Felony is an interesting title, any story behind it?

F: It’s based loosely on lyrical content. There’s a linear story about the mental anguish someone goes through and the thoughts they have. Not everyone has the ability to turn those thoughts into action, but as a band, we’ve been able to.

UTG: You guys caught a lot of garbage from other bands in the scene and quote/unquote “true hardcore fans” with the last record. Has that gotten to you in any way?

F: I love when people talk about our band. Straight up, it’s awesome, I don’t think they understand how it helps us out. If you ever notice bro, I never say another band name unless you’re my friend. Anyone who hates us, please, please keep hating.

UTG: Well, you have the Thrash and Burn Tour coming up. Word you like to give a word on that?

F: Devildriver is headlining and then there’s a ton of other bands on it as well. We’re pretty pumped to see how the crowd reacts to us and how our fans react to them.

UTG: Well Frank, any closing comments?

F: If anyone wants to challenge me on Marvel vs. Capcom 2. I’m down. Hit up the Myspace, let me know. Otherwise, we like to party. Mushrooms, weed. You know. If you’re down. Hit us up!

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